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Commercial Concrete, Brick & Masonry

Power washing  removes mildew and moss buildup from masonry wall.

Masonry surfaces tend to have a texture, which allows airborne dirt and moisture to be trapped on the surface. Over time this rough surface can create the perfect breeding environment for mildew and eventually moss to develop. Regular cleaning removes the build up, beautifies and protects your masonry surfaces from potential damage caused by the surface being exposed to contact moisture from mildew/moss buildup.


Power washing restores the beauty of brick homes.Brick restoration cleaning in progress.

Cleaning masonry surfaces is recommended prior to sealing to properly clean and prepare surfaces and before repointing to clean and remove any loose mortar.

Our "low pressure" cleaning process is both safe and effective allowing us to achieve consistently superior results without the threat of any damage. Our cleaners are effective at removing mold, mildew, dirt and grime yet are biodegradable and safe for people, plants and animals. Our process ends with a complete fresh water rinse of all the cleaned and surrounding areas. All glass surfaces are triple rinsed to reduce the chance of any water spots.


Mobile Power Wash of New England is experienced in:

  • Brick Restoration
  • Historic Properties
  • Multistory Capability
  • Restoration Cleaners
  • Stain Removal
  • New Construction Cleaning
Store Front receives a "face washing".