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Commercial Walkways, Steps & Flatwork

Power Washing maintains a safe and inviting work place.

Do your walkways, steps & driveways provide a clean, inviting entryway to your business?

The next time you go outside scrutinize any surrounding walks, steps, flat areas, etc. adjacent to your residence or business. Are they starting to look different? Most horizontal masonry surfaces are porous and subject to moisture on a regular basis. This allows for the buildup of mildew and dirt thus eventually causing discoloration. Overtime, this buildup could get to the point where it becomes very slippery when wet. A slippery walkway could lead to liability from slips and falls. Regular power washing will remove all buildup, restore the beauty and reduce your potential liability from slips and falls.



Gum and spills diminish the appeal of this store entry.

Beverage spills, gum deposits, acid rain and mildew stains diminish the overall image a residence or business is trying to portray to the general public. Salt and sand deposits, which are erosive to masonry surfaces, are ground in by continual foot traffic. Failure to continually remove these caustic substances can needlessly shorten the effective life of the substrate. It is always less expensive and more convenient to maintain these areas than to be forced to prematurely replace them because of a lack of proper routine maintenance.

How did the last fast food or bank drive-thru you visited look as you pulled up to get service? Was it clean and inviting or full of gum deposits, cigarette butts and riddled with oil stains. What did it say to you about that business? In today’s tight economy it's attention to detail that keeps customers coming back.

Walkway in front of local retail giant WalMart - before power washing.Walkway in front of WalMart - What a difference power washing makes!

Click the above photos to enlarge. What a difference power washing made in the walkway leading to a local WalMart store.


Cleaning an employee grease spill at the back door of a restaurant

Mobile Power Wash of New England cleans over one million square feet of “flatwork” a year providing residential, commercial and industrial customers a fast, cost effective solution to their ongoing cleaning needs. Our experienced technicians utilize the perfect blend of pressure, water temperature and cleaners to deeply clean your walks, drive thru or entranceways. As always, adjacent areas are fully rinsed to leave the complete area looking like we were never there ONLY MUCH CLEANER! Many of our customers appreciate the benefit of our scheduled cleaning programs. This removes the “hassle factor” for our customers of continually inspecting their properties and setting appointments. With this program, properties tend to stay cleaner with less customer involvement. Could you benefit by this type of program? Call or email us to get complete details on this time saving program!


Power washing sidewalk.

Regular Power Washing can:

  • Restore beauty
  • Increase property value
  • Reduce risk of liability