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Questions, Concerns, Misconceptions

Doesn't power washing cause damage?

Everybody knows somebody with a horror story related to power washing. We face that fact almost daily with the hundreds and hundreds of customers we service a year. To fully understand why there are horror stories requires a brief explanation. Power washing is a relatively new industry. Mix a lack of knowledge, relatively low entrance point to start this type of business and add in John Q. Public wanting the least expensive job possible can spell disaster. Many of these stories come out of this scenario. A person buys or rents a small portable machine and hustles up a few bucks extra on the weekends. No insurance, no commitment, just wants to make a few bucks.


How often should I clean?

This depends on your type of siding, your location and your level of personal aesthetic tolerance. Some customers clean yearly while others may go 3-4 years between cleanings. It is imperative to clean before any attempt to restain/repaint. This insures a longer lasting better paint job. More frequent cleanings normally save you money because the surface is cleaner which allows for a faster cleaning time. Commercial & Industrial properties normally need to be cleaned on a more frequent basis due to the increased use and exposure to vehicle and foot traffic.


If I have my property power washed will I have to repaint or restain?

Properties can be cleaned without creating a need to repaint or restain due to the fact Mobile Power Wash of New England utilizes a LOW PRESSURE cleaning method when customers require “maintenance cleaning” and are not repainting.

To this end, we ask each potential customer whether they are repainting or just wanting to do a maintenance type wash. With this goal in mind, every potential job is carefully inspected prior to any cleaning to insure all surfaces are stable. Any questionable area, which may pose a problem, is discussed prior to any cleaning.


Will power washing damage or ruin my landscaping?

Not if we clean your property. Our method of cleaning your location allows us to safely clean without damage to your shrubs, plants and trees. Part of our cleaning method incorporates safeguards to insure the safety of your foliage.


Should we cover bushes and plants before cleaning?

We do not recommend doing this.


Will my property leak water inside?

Each job is carefully inspected prior to cleaning to seek out potential problems, one of which is leakage. The only type of houses prone to slight leakage problems are older log homes. Over the years, caulking material placed between the logs to seal for water/air infiltration dries up thus creating an avenue for possibility of seepage. This is why we require somebody to be present when we clean log style homes.


How fast will mildew return?

Since changes in weather conditions can affect the growth of mildew, it is hard to say conclusively. We normally have customers figure how long has it taken the current amount of mildew to grow and have them use that amount of time as a probable span of time.


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