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Power washing beatifies and preserves natural wood decks.

Wood Care

Wood Decks and Wood Fences

One in four homes in the United States has a wooden deck, so chances are you have one attached to your home. Although wood decks, especially pressure-treated decks, were originally thought to be maintenance-free, most people now recognize the importance of protecting the wood from the harmful effects of the sun, wind, rain and snow.

Your wooden deck is a big investment and properly maintaining it will extend its useful life and make it a source of pride to both you and your family. On average, most decks need to be refinished (sealed) every two years to not only protect surfaces from damage but keep them looking good. Sticking to a scheduled maintenance program will insure your deck stays in top shape.

Mobile Power Wash of New England will carefully inspect your deck and assess its condition. From there we will recommend a maintenance program to keep it in top condition. Once a maintenance program is in place, you sit back and enjoy your deck and we'll do the rest!

Natural wood products, left unprotected and exposed to the harmful effects of the elements, is subject to graying, warping, cupping, checking, splitting and cracking.

Mobile Power Wash of New England can clean and protect your natural woods. Natural wood fence, before and after power washing.

Cleaning Wood Decks & Fencing

When you have a severely weathered, dingy looking deck or fence that you want to protect Rule #1... Do not apply any sealers, paint or stains on a surface that has mold, moss or discoloration. You are wasting your money and time. The surface must be properly clean and free of contaminants prior to any application of sealers, stains or paint. You have three choices- (1) Purchase a deck cleaning product from a home center being sure to follow all manufacturer's directions, rent or buy a pressure washer and then seal (2) Hire a professional to perform all these tasks. (3) Hire a professional to perform the cleaning and restoring then perform the sealing yourself

Our experience has shown us most homeowners achieve unsatisfactory results with deck cleaning products. Deck cleaning product manufacturers tend, in our opinion, to over simplify the process of cleaning and restoring your deck. Misuse the product and you can damage your deck. This is further complicated by the myriad of conditions that may or may not be present on your deck, each requiring a different type cleaner and cleaning protocol. Heavy, thick accumulations of moss, mildew and discoloration normally require an application of a deck cleaning product followed by power washing with prudent amounts of pressure and then followed by a deck brightener to completely restore the surface. Many decks or fences need to be stripped to remove the old sealer or some may need a hot water pressure wash to completely remove ground in dirt and grime. If you have little or no experience using a pressure washing machine your natural wood deck or fence is may not be the best place to learn. Natural wood cleaning tends to be very unforgiving and requires a consistent cleaning distance to avoid "wand marks". Remember… imperfections you leave the surface will be amplified after you seal the deck or fence.

Many times we are hired to clean and restore decks or fences and the customer applies a sealer or stain. Results vary based on the product purchased and the efficiency of the person applying it. Remember, there is nothing worse than seeing deck sealer over spray all over a home's siding because somebody went crazy with a deck sprayer. Are you the type of person who is motivated and proficient enough to perform your sealing tasks and achieve desirable results? Do you have the time and are you willing to acquire the proper equipment? What type of product should you use and will you be working from a ladder? If you don't have the time or motivation then consider hiring a professional. You'll be glad you did!


A weathered deck floor - before and after power washing.

Sealing Wood Decks & Fencing

Mobile Power Wash of New England has certified application specialists available to handle all your wood care sealing needs. Let us design a wood care maintenance program which utilizes professional grade products, applied by fully trained professionals.

At left is a weathered deck floor - before and after cleaning. The difference is quite dramatic. However, cleaning is only one part of the maintenance process. It is imperative to protect natural wood after cleaning to protect it from damage by the elements. This is similar to putting on sun block to protect yourself from the harmful effects of the sun.

Natural wood - left unprotected - is subject to graying, warping, cupping, checking, splitting and cracking.Do you have a deck made out of an exotic wood?

Whether your deck is made out of pressure treated wood, mahogany (as shown in the steps - right) or ipe (Brazilian walnut) rest assured Mobile Power Wash of New England has the experience to clean, restore and maintain the beauty of your deck.


Cleaning composite type decking & fencing material

Composite decking - before and after power washingMany homeowners are installing composite type decking material (trexwood, etc.) to avoid the maintenance issues commonly associated with wood. Composite decking material has its advantages but it still requires periodic cleaning to refresh its appearance. Mobile Power Wash of New England can safely clean and restore this material, as seen in these before and after photos