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Beautify your natural wood siding.

Wood Care

Natural Siding

Many property owners assume their blackened, discolored natural wood sidings, decks or fencing must be replaced. Replacement is an extremely expensive and often unnecessary remedy. Imagine their excitement when a test patch is performed returning their black, dingy wood to almost new condition! Remember…thousands saved is thousands earned!

Years of neglect can leave unprotected natural sidings brittle, cracked and damaged. Therefore it is imperative to closely inspect the siding prior to attempting to clean it to evaluate its condition. Many times a test patch in an obscure area enables both contractor and owner to see how the job will turn out. This process ensures both sides know what to expect thus avoiding any controversy or misconceptions after the fact.

Cedar shingles - before and after power washing.

Mobile Power Wash of New England uses cleaning methods that achieve dramatic results on natural sidings. By utilizing the correct amount of pressure, water volume and temperature mixed with the proper cleaners these results are typical. Knowing the correct methods and procedures ensures these desirable results. Unfortunately, improper cleaning methods utilized by inexperienced operators or do it yourselfers can leave undesirable results and/or permanent damage.

Once your natural siding is cleaned and restored, it is imperative to protect it from the harmful effects of the wind, rain, and sun. Failure to protect it will speed up the return of the nasty weathered look and shorten the woods effective life span. Your Mobile Power Wash of New England representative can provide information on sealing and staining options.

Heavily weathered cedar shingles.
Power washing produces dramatic results.Heavily weathered cedar shingles, above, respond dramatically to our cleaning process.

Lynn and I would like to express our appreciation for the excellent job your company performed on our house last week. When you provided us an estimate in May, you described in detail what our home needed, and explained how the power washing job would be performed, plus, explained to us we didn't have to pay until we were satisfied. More companies should adopt your policy. Your workers were thorough all the mold is gone-as you promised, and courteous to my family while at our home.

I have not experienced the work of those other companies that offer low budget, low pressure washing. Lynn and I are very happy to say we both would recommend your full service power washing company.

Thanks Bob and Lynn Fogg

PS: Your workers will remember us by the house with the killer bees'