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In Ground Pools and Pool Aprons

Dirty pool and spa before cleaning.

  • Does the interior of your swimming pool show staining that detracts from its aesthetic appeal?
  • Have you started to notice discoloration of the surrounding pool apron?
  • Are the pool apron and adjacent walkways more slippery today than when they were new?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then you may benefit by utilizing the services of Mobile Power Wash of New England. After a thorough inspection of your pool and its surrounding areas our trained staff will clean and restore the surfaces.

Cleaning your pool, apron, and surrounding walkways will restore their beauty, enhance your swimming experience and maintain your investment while reducing the liability associated with a potential slip or fall. We clean plain concrete, stamped concrete, pavers, masonry or wood aprons.


An in gound guinite pool and surrounding concrete pool apron after cleaning.A stamped concrete pool apron we cleaned.

Left, In ground guinite pool and surrounding concrete pool apron after cleaning. Right, a stamped concrete pool apron we cleaned. Click either photo to ENLARGE in a separate window.

Our services can solve many problems
associated with in-ground pool maintenance:

  • Guinite pools can be cleaned to remove staining.
  • Pool aprons can be power washed to remove unsightly stains and discoloration.
  • Pool aprons can be cleaned to reduce the likelihood of slipping accidents.
  • Painted pools can be power washed and paint prepped prior to repainting.

Pool - After Power Washing