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Power washing aluminum or vinyl siding can restore  its beauty.


Click HERE to see our contribution and Cover Shot Photo for a Cleaner Times article on Vinyl siding care. The "Cleaner Times" is a nationally distributed technical journal for Pressure Water Applicators.


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Aluminum siding, based on condition, can be one of the easiest or the most difficult sidings to clean and achieve desirable results.Aluminum Siding

Aluminum siding, based on condition, can be one of the easiest or the most difficult sidings to clean and achieve desirable results. Once this siding has gone past a certain point and conditions develop like pitting, thinning and severe oxidation, cleaning may not restore its appearance to acceptable levels. At this point, we recommend three options: (1) Live with the current condition, (2) Heavy cleaning followed by repainting or, (3) Reside.

Part of our responsibility as a professional company is to protect the consumer by being brutally honest even at the expense of a potential sale. Sometimes people don't want to hear that it would be in their best interest NOT TO CLEAN but nobody wins when you achieve poor results and leave the customer unhappy. Aluminum siding Before & After power washing.To this end, Mobile Power Wash of New England's experienced team of estimators will closely inspect your siding to insure desirable results can be achieved prior to the initiation of any cleaning. Once your property is inspected any potential problem or situation is communicated both verbally and further clarified in writing. The best surprise is no surprise!


Vinyl Siding

Power washing vinyl siding.

Everybody has seen a television commercial advertising maintenance free vinyl siding. All you have to do is rinse it with a garden hose. Right? Anyone who has tried this method of cleaning knows it to be much harder to clean. Vinyl siding is obviously not maintenance free.

Although it is possible to manually clean vinyl siding with a hose, bucket, brush and lots of elbow grease, the preferred method recommended by many siding manufacturers is power washing. This method, properly used, allows you to safely and efficiently restore the natural beauty of your siding thus maintaining your investment.

Mobile Power Wash of New England's cleaning process not only cleans and enhances the natural beauty of your siding but can also leave adjacent dirty and stained areas like gutters, foundations, walkways and steps clean so they don't detract from the overall esthetic appeal of your property.

After thoroughly wetting your surface and surrounding area, Mobile Power Wash of New England's cleaning teams apply mild biodegradable cleaners, followed by manual agitation (old fashioned elbow grease) as may be required, followed by a LOW pressure wash and final rinse. Specialized equipment allows our technicians to adjust the water temperature as needed from cold to hot. Our experience has shown if you apply the proper cleaners at the right temperature you don't have to compensate with higher water pressure to try to "force the dirt off".

Vinyl siding Before & After Power Washing

Our "low pressure" cleaning process is both safe and effective allowing us to achieve consistently superior results without the threat of any damage. Our cleaners are effective at removing mold, mildew, dirt and grime yet are biodegradable and safe for people, plants and animals. Our process ends with a complete fresh water rinse of all the cleaned and surrounding areas. All glass surfaces are triple rinsed to reduce the chance of any water spots.

Once your siding has been cleaned we can suggest a complimentary "no obligation" schedule of periodic cleanings to insure your property stays in top shape. Beyond the esthetic value achieved through these periodic cleanings you will be protecting one of your biggest assets by properly maintaining it. After your property is assessed and a schedule of cleanings is suggested, we will send out reminders to inform you when a scheduled cleaning is due. We can even schedule free periodic inspections to assess your property's current condition and adjust your schedule to insure your property stays in tiptop shape!